• Cachet Deluxe

    A true original

    Lavish travel, dining and nightlife experiences cultivated for world visionaries who seek curated offerings and a social vibe.

  • Cachet Boutique

    Unexpected exploration

    An unexpected exploration of art, design and modern sophistication, transporting guests to an exclusive world infused with creativity and a lively local social scene.

  • Cachet Beach

    Creative spirit, chilled-out style

    A world where creative spirit, destination-driven design and intuitive services converge with the local culture and environment, creating unique day-to-night social experiences infused with a chilled-out beach style.

  • Cachet Hotels

    A high-tech hospitality experience

    A thoughtful high-tech hospitality experience designed with stylish, intuitive extras that make every stay chic and intriguing.

  • URBN

    Modern. Worldly. Sustainable.

    A worldly modern retreat where eco-chic design meets a globally conscious lifestyle. Our uniquely stylish Zen escapes are rooted in Earth's goodness, providing nurturing service, rejuvenation and soulful connection.

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